The show is over, so get the fuck out... (iplaywithsporks) wrote in tubring,
The show is over, so get the fuck out...

People in Michigan/Canada who listen to 89x on the radio...

Every night at 7pm the radio dj plays two songs that are not out on the radio and people vote on which song they like the best. The winner of the two gets to come back the next day and compete again. Last night Panic! at the disco was the returning champ and of course lost to "staight to video" By MSI I was shocked to hear that they were playing it on the radio, so of course I called in to vote for them as well. Well they are back tonight and I'm sure they will put it again some lame ass song, so if you get 89x listen at 7 and call in to vote for MSI the numbers are Michigan- 313-298-7999 or Canada- 519-292-5000. Thats all. Xposted
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