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"Tub Ring is the unwilling, led by the unknowing... Doing the impossible for the ungrateful. In fact, they have been doing so much, for so long, with so little, they are now qualified to do anything with nothing. True postmodernists, Tub Ring's nomadic musical senses fit them snugly in the company of norm-defying acts such as Fantomas, Radiohead, and Beck.
Tub Ring's Last album, Drake Equation was released in June of 2001 on Invisible Records, and was produced by Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle, who crafted a perfect mix of raw live energy and studio playfulness.
Fermi Paradox (Oct 02), their new album, takes over where Drake Equation left off. This time Tub Ring went into the studio armed with a slew of guest musicians creating a small orchestra to compliment each of the new tracks. In a given track one might find sitar, flute, violin, vibraphones, and a horn section. This album may very well be one of the most ambitious indie rock recordings of our time. In fact, Fermi Paradox might deepen ones outlook on the universe or soften the heart of the most jaded music listener.
Tub Ring has taken their controlled schizophrenia all throughout America, Canada, and Japan. Constantly Touring/playing with a variety of acts including The Girly Freak Show, (Featuring Sylmensrta Hymen of Gwar), Estradasphere, Dillenger Escape Plan, Stone Sour, Chevelle, Pennywise, Buckcherry, Dog Fashion Disco, CKY, Wesley Willis, Mushroomhead, Breaking Benjamin, The Frogs, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, The Dismemberment Plan, The Blue Meanies, and more. Their humor, vigor and authority on stage never fails to capture new fans and always entertains long-time followers."


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