ישׂראלה (spiralfrenzy) wrote in tubring,

x posted like a mofo

$25 in advance

Even if you're not a fan of the show, come for the Alter Boys. It'll be a good time.
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Hey is there any other recorded songs by the Alter boys other then Pigs and pineapples? and or any new news?
Yeah, they have a song called "famine ghost" that's up on myspace. http://myspace.com/alterboys

As for news, their cd is being nationally released on 3/8. The release show is at Peabodys in Cleveland, OH on the 6th.

If you post on the DFD board (or go there at all), Todd usually posts AB updates there.
is $25 the usual price or is that just because of the viva la bam cast being there
I think the usual price is $7 or $10 or something for Ritual. It's $25 cuz of viva la bam.
hahah i'd be pissed if i were you.
Why? I pay more for most shows anyway (between tickets and gas money) so it's not a huge deal.
Everyone should go out and support. If i wasn't gonna be traveling to NC I'd be there!
Well, you can always travel to Ohio for the cd release on the 6th :D