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(3-2-1) Activate! Looking for their 2nd Guitarist! Could it be You?!

That's right, (3-2-1) Activate! (Tub Ring/Corpslight) is looking for someone between the age of 20-30 to be our 2nd guitarist. Hell, even if you're 18 we'll take you, so long as you're ready to make this your "end-all-be-all".

We're getting down to crunch time again, and it's been placed on my shoulders to find this new guitarist.

Obviously, or not so obviously, we live in the Chicagoland area (Northwest Suburbs to be exact), so living in that area would be a plus, but if you can fit the bill and make it to rehearsals, etc, then location isn't a problem.

Yes, there are plans to tour.
Yes, there's an album being recorded.
Yes, there are...other things.

So, can you learn some songs?
Can you write songs?

Send me an e-mail: bassist4cl@hotmail.com, and give me your vitals (how long you've played, what sort of equipment, your sign, etc...) You can also hit me up via AIM: deliriumpractice

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