Ecliptic (ecliptic) wrote in tubring,

We need your help!

Well Tub Ring kicked fucking ASSSSSSSS in round one, but this is where we REALLY need people to vote your balls off! All you have to do is vote Tub Ring up ( As many times as you want ) Just as a reminder, if they win they get: $10,000, a spot at some festival in Texas, and A NEW TUB RING ALBUM

To vote follow these simple steps:
1)Click Here
2)Click "Launch player"
3)Register near the bottom right
4)Click on Tub Ring - Promise Keeper and give them 5!
5)Give Hellogoodbye and Helifax a 1

Keep in mind:
*Even if the rank doesn't change after you vote, IT STILL COUNTS.
*No e-mail confirmation required
*I love you forever and ever if you do this.
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Just for you, Tim...
Good call